Graduate School Q and A

Q: Which one should I go to, a master's or doctoral degree program?

A: Well, that depends (Don't you just love that kind of answer?). Deciding whether to go to a master's or PhD program depends on several different factors. Remember in a previous answer I suggested you ask yourself what you really want to get out of graduate school (in other words, why are you really going to graduate school)? Well, that answer can really help determine the answer to this question.

If you want to become a licensed psychologist/therapist, you'll need to invest the time, energy, and resources into getting a PhD. If you want to work at a Human Resources organization, you might consider just getting a master's.

Consider your ultimate goals and then see which type of program is the best choice - don't try to create life-long goals based on what program you can get into. And remember, when you get a PhD you will obtain your master's along the way.