Get Into Graduate School

We get a lot of email from psychology students, asking for all sorts of help and advice. About 40% of the questions are about getting into graduate school. Here are a few of the questions we get...
  • What type of grades do I need to get into graduate school?
  • Do I need to get 1400 on my GRE to get into graduate school?
  • What if I don't have any research experience...can I still get into graduate school?
  • What type of graduate degree should I get?
  • How much debt will I have if I go to graduate school?
  • What kind of job can I get with a Master's degree or a Ph. D. in clinical psychology?
  • Can I actually make a living with a graduate degree in psychology?
  • I only have a 2.7 GPA, can I still get into a Ph. D. program?
  • And lots, lots, more!

In this section we provide answers to many of the frequently asked questions about graduate school. We also have lots of great information about the GRE in the GRE Information section. We're going to continue to add more questions and answers to this area so please check back often.

And when you're ready to look at potential graduate schools, go to the Graduate School Search where you can search for schools according to your criteria.

Okay enough small talk. Let's start talking about graduate school: