Non-Traditional Education

Non-traditional education is offered differently from the usual daytime college classes. It does not have the structure and resources of the traditional education as it does not have a formal education atmosphere, does not require on campus attendance, has a flexible pace, and is more focused on hands-on learning.

Non-traditional college students are often older than 23 years old; they usually have full-time jobs and have family or career situations which make regular university attendance difficult. Many of them return to school for promotion, personal growth, career changes, or retirement.

For instance, a 30-year-old single mom enrolled in a university which offers non-traditional education. She went through a panel interview and she presented documents in relation to her job experience and current situation. She then received academic credit for her work experience as a freelance writer. She is now meeting with her professors once a month and is given coursework which she can send online.

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