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Graduate School Search Engine Listings

Thank you for your interest in promoting your graduate school on This page has information about, the graduate school search engine, and the different options for listing your school with us.

Why List Your School With
If you want to reach psychology students and potential psychology students, is perfect for you. is completely focused on psychology, which means we have the most targeted audience available.

And has been one of the most popular psychology student resources for more than a decade, and it's now one of the fastest growing too!
  • Online and in business since 1998
  • Highly targeted audience - 100% psychology!
  • Trusted by millions of psychology students and teachers around the world
  • Big audience and growing rapidly (see chart below)
  • On average, approximately 15,000 psychology students visit every day of the week.
  • All these students generate approximately 3/4 of a Million pageviews per month (yes, that's 750,000 pageviews per month, all about psychology)....and growing!


Graduate School Listing Options
The Graduate School Search contains three components: Search Page, Results Page, School Profile Page. In addition, we offer two Listing Options for you to choose from: Basic and Featured. The Basic Listing package is free and the Featured School Listing is only $1,000 per year.

The Featured Listing contains everything in the Basic listing plus some significant additional benefits. Let's take a look at some of the differences...

Search Results Page

Benefits exclusive to Featured Listings...

1. Featured Schools are displayed first in the results and have background shading for maximum visibility.

2. All Featured Schools Listings include the school logo.

3. In addition to having a link to your own unique school profile page, Featured School Listings include a link from the results page directly to the school website or lead form.

School Profile Page
Featured School Listing

Every school receives their own unique Profile Page, but Featured School Listings have several added benefits...
1. With your Featured School Listing, your school logo or banner is displayed at the top of the page and is linked to your website or lead form.
2. If you want students to visit your website or lead form, you absolutely need a link from the profile page. With a Featured Listing, a link is displayed at the top of the page. You can even include an email address for students to connect directly with admissions.
3. We'll include a map showing the location of your school or campus. Banner ads are displayed in this area with Basic Listings.
4. Featured Listings give you more content boxes to provide additional information about your school, programs, research, faculty, and anything else you want to provide. You can even include a link to a virtual tour!

School Profile Page
Basic Listing

Basic Listings
1. Your school logo is not included in the top content box or anywhere else on the page.

2. No link - your school name and address are provided, but the Basic Listing does not include a link to your school website or lead form.

3. Ads are displayed in the map box. Ads are removed when you upgrade to a Featured School Listing.

Search Page
Recommended Schools Box
Cost: $250/month

Display your school logo (linked to your website or lead form) in the Recommended Schools box on the main search page to get maximum visibility and clicks. These placements produce higher click through rates (CTR) and significant benefit.