About AlleyDog.com

More Than You Wanted To Know About AlleyDog.com

I created AlleyDog.com to help students enjoy learning about Psychology and help make the learning process itself a bit more enjoyable. AlleyDog.com evolved from just a few ideals (and a lot of hard work):

  • A strong desire to teach Psychology and to share a love of Psychology with college students.
  • A belief that, if presented in a fun and interactive manner, students will want to learn about psychology and can have fun in the process.

That's really all there is to it (sorry it isn't something better like a great plan to obtain venture capital and then make huge sums of money). AlleyDog.com was NOT created as a moneymaking scheme. Rather, AlleyDog.com was created to help you (the students) learn about psychology, enjoy psychology, meet other students who share similar interests, and get the most out of your psychology education. Psychology is an amazing field, and it is my goal to help you experience it to the fullest.

I created and developed AlleyDog.com during the final stages of my Ph.D. program in Social Psychology. I spent five years in graduate school (first at a Master's program in Experimental Psychology in Upstate New York and then in a Ph.D. program in Richmond, Virginia) working as a student, a researcher, a teacher, and an assistant (both research and teaching). I worked as often and as effectively as possibly to learn about Psychology and one day become a professor.

That path changed in my final year of graduate school. It became clear to me that many of the ideals I held about academia were not accurate. I was a bit disillusioned, somewhat disappointed, and really tired (working all night long in graduate school is definitely not an unusual occurrence...more like the norm for me). I also realized that I had a powerful interest in technology and the many ways it can enhance learning.

Armed with my graduate training in psychology, my interest in technology (particularly the Internet), a desire to help others learn about psychology, and a little faith, I decided against accepting a faculty position, and created AlleyDog.com. I've spent several years working on AlleyDog.com. AlleyDog.com is no longer just me, but it will always me my "child". I love it and I hope you do too.

Well, that took a little longer than anticipated, but I hope you enjoyed it. Now that you know this was all done for you, go and make use of it. Explore AlleyDog.com and use it as a resource for your courses, your lifelong learning, or just your general interest. Just remember, AlleyDog.com was built to enhance your academic experience - not to replace it.

There are many resources and services available within this site. Please spend some time experiencing all that is offered. Have a great time here, improve your knowledge of Psychology, maybe even improve your grades. But most of all, have some fun learning about psychology! It isn't nearly as bad as some of your professors make it seem.

For the entire AlleyDog.com crew, I hope you find this site useful and enjoyable. And if you need any further help, want to offer some suggestions, or just want to say hello, please send us an email. We'd love to hear from you. Good luck!

Doug Kaufman, Ph.D.