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1. The Autonomic Nervous System
Provided by the University of Washington, this site, well it's actually a page, is designed to provide easy to understand information about the autonomic nervous system and its influence on the fight-or-flight response. Since it such a short, easy overview, we felt it would be a good place to begin the list and for you to begin exploring websites about emotion. This is a good place to brush up on the basics. And if you are really interested, there are a few links to more detailed information about the autonomic nervous system.

2. Emotional Intelligence
In recent years, the concept of emotional intelligence has received a lot of attention. Is it possible that people actually have some sort of intelligence for their emotions? Is that what emotional intelligence is? Go to this site, and you will be able to take an online test to find out your own emotional intelligence. The test is provided by Dr. Daniel Goleman, a Harvard Psychologist who is an expert in the area of emotional intelligence. The test has 10 questions and takes just a few minutes to complete. Once your done, you get immediate feedback along with explanations of the answers and some prompting to visit the Utne Cafe to discuss these topics with others (ok, so they are directing you a little bit, but it's not so bad). We can't say that the test is valid, but it is pretty interesting and will almost certainly give you something to think about.

3. Controlling Anger -- Before it Controls You
Presented by APA, this is a single page explaining the nature of anger, how humans express anger, anger management techniques, individual differences in anger, ways to overcome and deal with anger, and more. Although this is just a one pager, it is a good source of the basics of anger. If you go there expecting a complete resource for emotion and anger, you'll be disappointed. But if you want a quick and dirty description, this is a good place to start.

4. New Scientist's Emotions Page
We have searched high and low, and can find very, very, few sites about emotion that we would even consider respectable (if you know of any, please let us know). This site is not bad - it lacks a range of theoretical information, but what it does have is a complete section dedicated to the work of Paul Ekman. Ekman is a famous emotion researcher and is best known for his work on facial gestures and their meanings. Can people across cultures and countries identify emotions simply from nonverbal facial expressions? Read what Ekman himself has to say in the interview with New Scientist. You can get to this interview by clicking the "behind the mask" link from the main page (or click here to go directly to it). The interview is interesting, so if you can, take some time to read the whole thing. Other than that, you will need to search around to find some information of great use. But, maybe we're wrong; if you disagree with this assessment, please let us know.

5. The Science of Sex: What is it doing and Who's Doing it?
You want to talk about motivation? What is more motivating than sex? Um....nope, I can't think of anything either. So, check out this brief article on the science of sex as a motivator from The Scientist. The article was written quite some time ago, but I don't think that the motivational properties of sex have changed much since 1994. This article discusses hormones and the brain, sexual chemistry, and even supplies a recommended reading list if you still want more. While this site isn't very sexy, it does have some worthwhile information.

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