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1. Questions and Answers about Research and Science
This site by the sci.skeptic newsgroup contains direct and understandable answers to some fundamental issues you are sure to need during your Psychology education. This is a good place to start your reading about research methods.

2. Research Methods Tutorial
Bill Trochim developed this site for his Program Evaluation and Research Design class at Cornell University. There are many brief tutorials that provide clear and concise information about a variety of topics related to research methodology.

3. Psychology in Everyday Life
This APA site has some very interesting information about Psychology that illustrates how science, Psychology, and research are all around us.

4. Mark Mitchell's Class Notes
Dr. Mitchell has placed his Research Methodology notes from his Introductory Psychology class online for your benefit. The notes are clear and understandable, plus they include some nice interactive features that let you test your knowledge, learn from jokes, and more. There are also links to notes from other sections of his class that you can access directly from this page.

5. Interactive Test
Click on the Student Resource link and you will find online multiple choice tests for almost every section of Introductory Psychology. The tests are similar to a study guide, except they have the added feature of instant feedback. However, there a couple of minor shortcomings. The tests are written as supplements to an Introductory Psychology book written by Robert Feldman. So, all of the explanations to the questions refer to pages specific to his book. In addition, the site is maintained by the book publisher, McGraw-Hill. As a result, you will encounter links related to the publisher and publication information - do you think they want to sell their books? Finally, some of the questions and answers are a bit confusing and poorly worded. With all of that said, the site is absolutely worth some of your time. Plus, the interactive testing area is a nice learning tool.

6. Research Methods by Dr. Paul Cozby
Dr. Cozby is the author of one of the best selling research methodology books in Psychology. He also has a website that contains lots of links and information about research. Some of it is advanced and will be covered when you take a research methodology course, but there is a lot of information that will be helflpful to you now. Take a look. Plus, this site is recommended by Don Forsyth, so it must be good.

7. The National Institute of Mental Health
What website devoted to Psychology wouldn't include The NIH's National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)? Although this link will not direct you to specific concepts related to the research methodology section of Introductory Psychology, NIMH is one of the most important and credible scientific facilities in the world. Take a look around and we think you will find a lot of valuable information. You may not use a lot of it now, but it is sure to have information your will need along the way in your academic career.

8. Introduction to Descriptive Statistics
This site is provided by Jay Hill at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne. Included on this site are some very nice, basic pages on what descriptive statistics are all about, some good examples on mode, median, central tendency, and lots more.

9. The Gallop Poll
This is probably the most well known applied statistics center around (maybe?). This is a great site to see statistics in action, get information on how they sample only 1000 people and make conclusions about the whole country, find out some opinions of current issues, and more. Check it might make you change your mind about statistics.

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