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1. Intelligence Tests Online
Queendom offers a variety of online tests, including several Intelligence test. Scroll down the page to the Intelligence tests section, and you will find tests for Emotional Intelligence, "standard" Intelligence, Coping Skills, Assertiveness, and Communication Skills. Some of the tests are quite long, so be prepared to spend about 15 minutes completing each. For example, the Emotional Intelligence test contains 70 items. Once you complete the test and submit it, you will receive an overall score, a behavioral aspect score, and a knowledge aspect score. In addition, you will get the means and standard deviations for each so that you can see how you compare to the rest of the population. You will also get a description of the concepts and explanations of what your scores mean (beware for some overstating though - the authors overplay the validity and "true" importance of some of the concepts, but overall do a very nice job). If you can deal with spending some time completing the tests, this is an interesting site to visit.

Do you want to know what your IQ is in less than 10 minutes? The site includes a 5-minute IQ test that is not bad. I have taken many IQ tests and found that the score I received on the 5-minute test was very similar to the more elaborate paper and pencil tests that take much longer. So, why not give it a try? Be forewarned that one of the points (if not the primary point) of the site is to sell software and other tools to improve your IQ. Other than that, the site is pretty interesting and even has links to Test Preparation sites for the SAT, GRE, and more.

3. IQ Test Experts
As the name implies, these folks are experts in IQ tests. Everything from the history of IQ tests, to definitions, helpful articles, and a wealth of strategies, tests, and teasers. Not only is this site very informative, it's really a lot of fun. After visiting the main page here, you should head right over to the Articles Page - this is where you get information to understand how to interpret IQ tests, the history and facts about the tests, myths, and much more. When you're ready to have some fun (yes, fun on an IQ website), check out the Puzzles Page. If you want to learn about, practice, and take IQ tests, this is a great site for you.

4. Creativity Web: Resources for Creativity and Innovation
This site contains a plethora of facts, definitions, perspectives, and interactive tools, about creativity. It is not a site for obtaining Introductory Psychology definitions, but it is a place to find everything you could ever want to about creativity (including how to assess it and how to improve it). I suggest starting with the "creativity basics", where you will acquire the foundation you need to make use of the rest of the site. You can then go on and see different models of the brain and creativity in the "brain and creativity" section, and even do so creativity exercises in the "mental workout center". One component I really like about this site, is that it emphasizes the mind-body connection and how maintaining creativity and mental health is defendant on maintaining physical health.

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