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1. Traditional time line of Important Dates
Ok, this site is not the most appealing. And it may be a bit cluttered, but it has a traditional time line of important dates in Psychology that is comprehensive. If you can put aside the colors, the clutter, and the "Geocities" label all over the place, you will find lots of good information in this site. Plus, if you are Brazilian, this is your site.

2. History of Psychology Page
The History of Psychology Page is a nice jumping off point for information regarding the history of peole and different psychological categories, plus it has library resources and even some trivia. Although I think this is a wortwhile and interesting site, I do have one complaint - the site opens many of the links in new windows which can result in many, many windows open at one time. This is a good site, but be careful of the new windows.

3. History of the Mind-Body Discussion
Although this site is not a general history of Psychology site, it has a comprehensive review of the mind-body discussion. If you want to know about this classic discussion, including the most important people, dates, theoretical perspectives, and much more.

4. William James
Since James is one of the most important and influential figures in all of Psychology, you will want to learn as much about him as possible. This site is maintained at Emory University and is filled with general information about James, papers about and by James, and so much information about him, you'll think you and James are buddies.

5. Women's Intellectual Contribution to the Study of Mind and Society
This site has information about all sorts of important women in the sciences, including a nice section on women in psychology. There is not timeline, but they really do have some good information. I recommend this as a first place to start.

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