GRE > GRE Quantitative Section

Quantitative Section: approximately 40 questions in 70 minutes

The Quantitative Section is essentially the Math portion of the GRE. This section contains 4 types of questions. Questions will be either multiple-choice, numerical entry, quantitative comparison, or multiple-answer (more than one multiple choice option would be correct.

Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer
These are similar in that they give you a list of options to select from. Here is an example of both a multiple-choice question and a multiple-answer question.

Example multiple choice:
If 5x + 32 = 4 - 2x, what is the value of x?

-4, -3, 4, 7, or 12

Example multiple answer:
Which of the following intergers are multiples of both 2 and 3? Indicate all such integers.

8, 9, 12, 18, 21, or 36

Numerical Entry
With Numerical Entry, you will not have any choices to choose from and you will have to enter the correct answer in the box. Here is an example of this type of question. For example:

One pen costs $0.25 and one marker costs $0.35. At those prices, what is the total cost of 18 pens and 100 markers?

Quantitative Comparisons
The final type of question is the Quantitative Comparison, which asks you to compare 2 quantities. For example:

Quantity A = 2(6)
Quantity B = 2-6

Which is true?

    • Quantity A is greater
    • Quantity B is greater
    • Quantity A and B are equal
    • There is not enough information