Transtheoretical Method (TTM)

The transtheoretical method (TTM) of behavior change is a theoretical model that is based on an integrative theory that is used to assess a person's readiness to change and adopt new and healthier behavior patterns. Sometimes known as the "stages of change", it addresses the stages of precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance and termination. Used for many types of personal change, this approach is arguably the most dominant model of behavior change in use. Each of these steps is important to the change process.

For instance, someone starts thinking that they want to quit smoking. It is normal in the precontemplation phase to think about how much smoking costs, how bad the person, and his house smell, and how inconvenient smoking is in the modern world. These thoughts may then lead a person to the contemplation phase where ways to quit smoking are examined. This process may continue until the person successfully quits smoking.

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