A succubus is a mythological creature in a female demon form; it is the counterpart of incubus.

The term came from the Latin word, “succubare” which means “to lie beneath”. Succubi are said to seduce sleeping men and that repeated sexual activities with them may cause physical and mental decline and even death. Modern representations are attractive enchantresses while traditional ones are frightening demons. Jewish folklore depicts them as beautiful young women but upon closer inspection, show animal-like body parts such as having snake-like tails and claw-like fingers. One of the scientific explanations include experiencing sleep paralysis (hyperlink), a state characterized by an awake mind and the inability to move. There have been reports of patients with schizophrenia experiencing hallucinations of being attacked by succubi.

For instance, an 18-year-old male being fully convinced that a “witch” has been touching his private parts against his will.

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