Soto's Syndrome

Soto’s syndrome is a genetic disorder mainly characterized by abnormally rapid growth which starts in infancy continues until early adolescence.

At birth, the affected infants have large skulls, are heavier, and are taller than average. Those with this rare condition may also have mild intellectual disability, autism, physical delay, low muscle tone, and speech impairments. Their similar physical features include protrusive forehead, large hands and feet, large jaw, and abnormally wide distance between the eyes. They may also manifest frequent irritability, clumsiness, aggressive behavior, seizures, scoliosis, kidney problems, heart problems, hearing loss, vision problems, and even risk for specific types of cancer.

The cause is attributed to a gene mutation which may be inherited. There is no treatment at this time but the patients may have a normal life expectancy with proper management of the symptoms.

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