Somatization Disorder

Somatization disorder, also known as Briquet's syndrome, is a mental disorder with symptoms that include recurring, multiple, and current clinical complaints of somatic symptoms (physical problems that are felt, but are not associated with a medical problem). This is where a person experiences medical symptoms and will continually see physicians until a doctor agrees with them and provides medical help and treatment. When diagnosing somatization disorder it is important that the symptoms being reported cannot be explained by medical conditions or by substance use. It is also important that the symptoms being reported are inconsistent with any existing medical conditions.

For instance, a person who is under a great deal of stress reports frequent and painful headaches but following examination does not have sinus problems, concussion, brain tumor, or any other physical problem that might explain the headache. After other causes can be ruled out this problem with headaches may then be diagnosed as somatic.

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