Reactive Attachment Disorder

Reactive Attachment Disorder is a diagnosis usually applied to young children who show severe and developmentally inappropriate ways of interacting with the world. Thankfully rare, this disorder occurs when infants fail to bond with parents or caregivers and is normally sorted into two different categories; inhibited and disinhibited.

In its inhibited form the child fails to interact with others; In the disinhibited form the child forms excessive and indiscriminate relationships with others. In its most severe manifestations children with this disorder can be violent and essentially lack a conscience, which can lead to destruction of belongings, torture and killing of animals, arson, and even murder attempts.

This disorder is most often seen in adopted children, or orphaned/abandoned children that have been raised in impersonal institutional environments (orphanages). Although a severe and pervasive disorder, with proper help and therapy, this disorder can be treated successfully.

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