Personality Trait

A personality trait is considered to be a consistent, habitual pattern of behaviors, thoughts, and emotional states. It is an abiding and long-term (inborn) approach to life, relationships, and how we view the world. The trait theory of personality studies this area and proposes that personality traits make up what we are as human beings. We all know people who from childhood were aggressive, gregarious, shy, curious, solitary, passive, unfriendly, etc.

Each of these personality types has its own way of relating to other people and the world at large, thereby influencing the individual's approach to life. For instance, a person with a gregarious personality makes friends easily and typically relates well to people while a shy personality may be stand-offish and have difficulty making friends and relating to others. Although personality traits are generally stable and consistent situational factors can have an impact on what personality traits are shown. For instance, a normally social and talkative person might be shy and quiet at a fancy party where they know no one.

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