Peg Word System

A peg word system is a mnemonic device that is used to memorize lists that need to be in order. An object or image is visualized which holds or 'pegs' the information that needs to be recalled and makes it easier to remember. The main tenet of the peg system is associating ordered information you already know well (such as numbers or the alphabet) with the information you want to recall. Using ordered systems like numbers that you won't forget by associating an ordered list with numbers by thinking of the numbers you can remember the information.

A common peg word system is one used is a rhyming one associated with numbers. So you want to remember the ingredients and order of a chili recipe: beef, tomatoes, beans, onions, and chili powder. Using a rhyming association with numbers, think of 1-SUN, 2-SHOE, 3-TREE, 4-DOOR, and 5-HIVE.

To remember the recipe using the peg word system visualize the following:

1-Sun: for beef picture a cow wearing sunglasses and sunbathing 2-Shoe: for tomatoes picture stomping a big tomato with your shoe 3-Tree: for beans picture a bunch of beans growing all over a tree 4-Door: for onion picture a giant onion knocking on your door 5-Hive: for chili powder picture a hive of bees who are cold and chilly

By associating the items you need to remember with an order and visualizing them you can better recall information that needs to remain in order.

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