Organismic Valuing Process

The organismic valuing process is a concept by < ahref="">Carl Rogers in which individuals select goals based on inner nature, internal rationality, and individual decision making. It is a means for an individuals to fulfill their actualizing tendency which is a desire and need to develop and evolve as a person. This process uses organismic variables to develop goals and make decisions. Organismic variables are the internal forces and influences that influence an organism’s behavior.

Rogers proposed that people who experienced a caring, supportive, and loving environment during childhood were more able and likely to trust themselves and their internal feelings in regards to decision making and goal achievement. The organismic valuing process includes many variables such as authenticity (being yourself), autonomy (making your own decisions and not basing it on other people's desires), an internal locus of evaluation (not seeking the approval of others), and unconditional positive self-regard.

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