Oniomania (Compulsive BuyingDisorder (CBD))

Oniomania or compulsive buying disorder (CBD) is the uncontrollable urge to shop or buy. This term came from the Greek word “onios” which means “for sale” and “mania” which means “madness”. Those with this condition experience adverse consequences due to their expensive shopping sprees. However, this is not included in DSM 5); the proposed diagnostic criteria are being over-preoccupied with buying, whether the item(s) are needed or not. Distress is a consequence, buying even if the person is not in a manic state, and persistent obsession with buying as well as feeling dissatisfied. Even if it is not recognized as a stand-alone addiction, individuals who experience oniomania should seek professional help so they can manage their behavior in response to their daily tasks and social roles.

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