Occupational Psychosis

Occupational Psychosis refers to an extreme bias or way of thinking brought about by one's professional training.

For example, if you had a group composed of an accountant, a chef, and a salesman, and you gave them a task of coming up with a food product that they can turn into a million-dollar business, their approach to the task would vary depending on their own biases as experts in their field of work. The accountant could see the project as basically a task that focuses on keeping costs down in order to increase profit. The chef could see the task as one that hinges on making a product of the highest quality by making use of only the freshest ingredients available, and applying the most sophisticated cooking techniques. The salesman could see the success of the task as dependent not on the product or the meticulous monitoring of costs and earnings, but on the creative marketing of the product, and coming up with a marketing and sales strategy that will bring in massive sales.

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