Numerology is the study of the relationship of numbers and life events. It looks into the mystical association of numerical values and incidences. It is closely associated with astrology and paranormal fields. For instance, your numerology life path number is computed by getting the sum of the numbers in your date of birth. A person who was born on September 27, 1984 would be 9 + 7= 16. Then 1984 is broken down as 1+9+8+4= 22. The two digits are then added, 2+2 =4. The two summations are then added, 16+4= 20. The number 20 is associated with diplomacy, loyalty, empathy, and sensitivity. People with this life path number should learn to be more patient, to be less clingy, and avoid making rash decisions. They are often great at handling details and persuading others. The earliest records of numerology are reported to be found in Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Greece, Japan, and China. The term “numerology” was coined by Julian Stenton who brought the field to the mainstream culture.

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