Midlife Crisis

Midlife crisis refers to issues and changes that occur in adulthood typically in the range of the 40s-60s. During this age range a person typically begins to realize their own mortality due to death of parents or friends and the general aging process. During this time period people may encounter other psychological stressors like financial problems or issues with children. Behavior changes and psychological issues can arise when a person is facing these age related challenges.

Empirical evidence has not fully verified that this actual phenomenon exists but it is accepted to be a common situation for many people. The changes that result from a midlife crisis can be positive or negative. People may embrace their age and begin to try new things that they have always wanted to do, like traveling. Some of the negative issues that arise usually are with work or with personal relationships.

Behaviors that commonly arise in association with a midlife crisis are dressing or 'acting' young and wanting to be around younger people. Drug and alcohol issues are also typical with midlife crises along with depression.

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