A metaperception is how a person views other people's views of them. It is essentially how an individual perceives others' perceptions of themselves. Metaperceptions are how we feel about how others feel about us. Metaperceptions are frequently inaccurate - they are shaped by our individual self-concept and personal biases. For instance, some people think that everyone likes them when they don't and some people think everyone hates them when they don't. Individuals with accurate metaperceptions tend to be more successful socially because they are aware of how they are perceived by others and use this to guide their behavior.

For example, imagine a person who is always rude and a jerk. If their metaperception is that everyone thinks their ascerbic attitude is edgy and humorous then they will continue to behave that way and maybe even increase the amplitude of their behavior. This could possible lead to social exclusion and negative consequences.

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