Mediation Process

Mediation process is a series of informal and flexible steps meant to resolve a conflict. The general steps are: introductory remarks, hearing both parties, information gathering, specification of problems, bargaining and generating choices, and reaching an agreement.

In the introductory remarks, the mediator will introduce both parties. It is advised that if there are children or individuals who are not significantly concerned, they have to wait outside. Through the mediator’s opening remarks, the atmosphere is set in such a way that nobody is threatened. The guidelines are then reviewed and the time frame is specified. This is then followed by each party’s story or statement regarding the issue. In the third stage, the mediator asks questions to get more information. Consequently, common goals and priorities are identified. After pinpointing the objectives, the mediator facilitates a cooperative discussion to explore possible options. Ideally, a consensus will be achieved which eliminates or lessens the conflict.

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