Marriage Types

There are many different types of marriages. Psychologists have identified a few different types that tend to be typical of many marriages.

Conflict-habituated marriages are identified by conflict and quarrels that are based on the provocation of one of the partners.

A devitalized marriage is one that used to have love but essentially an 'emotional divorce' has occurred - the partners are typically indifferent to each other rather than unsatisfied.

Passive-congenial marriages are ones that began empty and emotionless. These are marriages that were for convenience, social reasons (such as pregnancy or for financial reasons), or arranged by others.

Vital marriages are warm, loving, committed, and there is interest between the partners Communication and sharing are important often with a sense of 'oneness' rather than 'selfness' between the partners. Vital marriages typically have sexual expressiveness, determination, and a high tolerance to stress

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