Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling, also known as marital counseling or couples therapy, seeks to help rebuild intimate relationships. Specifically, it helps committed individuals understand and settle differences, and communicate more effectively. This counseling is usually short term but some couples need to go through it for several months. Marriage or family therapists often conduct joint sessions to facilitate open communication and cooperative problem-solving. Some of the common issues that couples discuss in marriage counseling are divorce, infidelity, financial difficulties, cultural differences, miscommunication, sexual problems, child-rearing practices, addiction, and unemployment. However, if one partner does not like to go to therapy, the willing partner may still benefit by having a clearer view of his or her role, expectations, reactions, needed skillset in improving the commitment, and options in the relationship.

For instance, John and Ana had their first child when they were only 19 and got married when they were only 20, they have no stable jobs, and have come too often feel contempt for each other. Fortunately, they were able to benefit from a sponsored marriage counseling by learning how to change the pattern of their interaction, emotional connection, and spending habits. They were also given clearer options regarding their career opportunities as well as family planning methods.

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