Manual Dominance (Handedness)

Manual dominance or handedness is the tendency to use one hand over the other.

For instance, most people (approximately only 10% of humans are left-handed); they dominantly use their right hand in performing manual tasks such as writing, sewing, throwing, etc. Being left-handed in a mostly right-handed world is quite difficult and requires many adaptations (such as left-handed scissors). In previous centuries being left-handed was often perceived not only as "wrong" but even as "evil" and left-handed children were often forced into right-handedness through coercive, and even cruel methods. Interestingly, words (In English) such as sinister and gauche are derived from the Latin and French words for "left." By the same linguistic logic, in English, if you are right-handed it, means you are using the "right" hand, The same goes for "dextrous" or "dexterity" which are derived from the Latin word dexter meaning "right."

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