Link Method

The link method is a type of recall method used to remember multiple items. It is called the link method because you associate or link the items together in order to recall them. A common usage of the link method is making up a story or scenario that links items together and the imagery makes it easier to recall. Imagining extraordinary and even ridiculous associations makes recalling things more easily. When using this system it is recommended to form vivid images with movement and oversized objects. The mind has a tendency to forget normal and mundane occurences so by imagining things in a strange scenario it makes the brain take notice more.

An example of the link method could be seen when studying for a biology test. You are trying to memorize the bones of the body and are having difficulty remembering the three smallest bones which are are located in the ear (the anvil, stirrup, and hammer). You could picture a saddled horse (saddles have stirrups) using a hammer and anvil to make horseshoes. Try this method when you need to remember a list of multiple items.

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