Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a profession which seeks to help clients by addressing subjective goals, life transitions, unhealthy relationships, dilemmas, and other life concerns. This is not the same as counseling or psychotherapy since a life coach focuses on what can be done in the future, not healing the past or overcoming traumas, also, he or she does not need to complete advanced studies. You may become a life coach after earning a certification upon completing a training program.

Having a life coach is just like having a friend to confide in but with more accountability. For instance, John, a client who just lost his mother and is going through a divorce sought the help of a life coach, Jed. Jed focused on connecting with John in a judgement-free environment. John’s options were then laid out and he was empowered by understanding that change comes from his own decision. Jed has then been following-up John’s progress.

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