John Dewey

John Dewey (1859-1952) was an educator and philosopher most known for his progressive social and educational theories. Dewey was at first a teacher and then began to study philosophy and psychology eventually earning his Ph.D. Dewey taught philosophy at both the University of Chicago and Yale University. Dewey's philosophy was focused on human experiences, habitual behaviors, and the positive influence of change on individuals. He had progressive and revolutionary theories about education that were based on learning through experience, creative thinking, and universal education. He was a proponent of educational reform and experimental schools. Dewey was outspoken on the support of universal suffrage (the right to vote), women's rights, and civil rights for all ethnicities. He founded the New School for Social Research which was an experimental school based on the concept of free exchange of ideas and knowledge. John Dewey believed that democracy was the best form of government but was wary of the changes in society due to the Industrial Revolution. He believed that this led to a very small number of people in society being wealthy with the rest being poor at their expense.

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