Insight Therapy

Insight Therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which the therapist helps their patient understand how their feelings, beliefs, actions, and events from the past are influencing their current mindset. Importance is placed on the relationship between the therapist and the patient with the therapist identifying behavioral patterns from the patient's past that could be affecting their behavior and relationships at the present time.

The therapist helps the patient gain insight into their past that can be used to address issues that are currently happening. For example, a therapist has a patient with low self esteem issues. Through talking and analyzing the patient's past the therapist would help the patient identify the causes for their low self esteem (being bullied as a child, non-supportive parents, weight issues) and how these past scenarios are affecting their behavior and feelings in the present. The therapist would then direct the patient to methods of avoiding these negative thought patterns and directing them towards more positive ways of thinking. By gaining insight about their past the patient can alleviate problems in the present.

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