Inhalants, also known as intoxicative inhalants, are mind-altering gaseous substances that are inhaled by the user though the nose and trachea. These substances are inhaled at room temperature without the need to heat the substance prior to use. One, nitrous oxide (also called laughing gas) is used in medicine and dentistry to minimize pain during procedures and is legal only for medical use. Others, such as amyl nitrate and toluene, legally used as contact cement and airplane glue, are legal for their intended purposes but are frequently abused as inhalant drugs. Unfortunately, many other volatile substances (spray paint, etc.) are also abused by inhaling in processes that are called "huffing," "sniffing," or "bagging." Consumption of these volatile substances result in intoxicated behavior and possibly even hallucinations. Use of these substances can result in hypoxia, pneumonia and cardiac arrest. Long-term use frequently results in brain damage and can even cause death.

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