Gambler's Anonymous

Gambler’s anonymous (GA) is a support group for people who want to overcome their gambling addiction. This was founded in January 1957 and their headquarters is located in California, United States.

GA has a 12-step program with the following details:

1. Admission of addiction 2. Believing that there is a Power that can help in restoring psychological health 3. Making the decision to submit to the Power 4. Making a moral and financial inventory of self 5. Admitting the specific nature of mistakes to oneself and others 6. Being completely ready to remove shortcomings 7. Humbly ask God to remove the shortcomings 8. Making a list of people who have been harmed and become ready to make amends to them 9. Whenever appropriate, making amends with those who have been harmed 10. Continually making a personal inventory and being honest by promptly admitting committed 11. Having courage through prayer and meditation 12. Practice the above principles and share them with other compulsive gamblers

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