Galactorrhea is the inappropriate milk production in one or both nipples which is more excessive as compared to the normal production of breast-feeding. Those with this condition may experience vision difficulties, headaches, and irregular or absent menstrual periods. It is not a disease but it may be a symptom of a certain illness. This milky nipple discharge often happens in females, even those who have already experienced menopause or those who never had children. However, there were cases of it occurring in men and even in infants. The general cause is the over production of the prolactin hormone which is responsible for milk production. This may also be due to sedatives, antipsychotics, high blood pressure medications, opiates, birth control pills, hypothyroidism, kidney problems, excessive breast stimulation, chest injury, spinal cord injury, pituitary problems, or stress. There are times when the cause cannot be determined and galactorrhea may resolve on its own.

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