Family Sculpting

Family sculpting is a technique in family therapy which requires the participants to portray a past event. This is done by assigning a “sculptor” who positions the other family members to create a pertinent scene. The sculptor is usually the client who is viewed as the family member who needs guidance or intervention the most. For instance, the therapist may first ask the sculptor to depict a scene from when he was 7 years old. The sculptor will then be prompted to add specific details such as how close each family member is with each other, how their heads are positioned, and so on. This psychodrama may uncover memories and feelings which should be efficiently processed by the therapist. After the sculpting, the “de-roling” phase is conducted through a talk session which delves into realizations. This is also important in leaving the previous roles for the participants to feel more like themselves again. Generally, this technique aims to address dysfunctional families’ needs by uncovering hidden issues and working towards healthier collective goals.

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