Eye Dominance

Eye dominance, also referred to as ocular dominance, eye preference, or eyedness, is the preference to use one eye over the other.

As compared to the less dominant eye, the preferred eye has been tested to have more neural connections to the brain. There are several ways to test eyedness, one is called the Dolman method which is also known as the hole-in-the-card test. In this method, the individual is asked to use both hands to hold a card with a small hole in the middle. With both eyes, the subject is then asked to focus on a distant object through the hole. The card is slowly drawn back to the head to determine which eye is viewing the object. This tendency is analogous to being right or left handed; around 67% of the population has right-eye dominance. Ocular dominance is important to be considered in having eye surgeries, contact lenses, and eye glasses.

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