Exaltation is the affective state of extreme happiness. This is synonymous with feeling euphoric, ecstatic, elated, or overjoyed. For instance, people who suffer from substance abuse disorder cannot stop misusing drugs due to the state of exaltation which they may experience when they get “high”. Exaltation may also refer to a feeling of extreme importance. For example, individuals with narcissism manifest exaltation behavioral patterns as evidenced by the expectation to be treated specially and demanding others to submit to their wants.

In religious practices, this is generally known as the act of praising or glorifying God as exaltation came from the Latin word “exaltare” which means “raise aloft”. Regarding the belief among The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members, exaltation is also known as eternal life. It is held that this will happen when humankind can get reunited with God and live as families.

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