Emancipated Minor

An emancipated minor is an individual before the legal age (usually 18) who is legally considered as an adult.

Someone who is considering to be an emancipated minor must at least be 14 to 16 years old and prove that being freed from his/her parents is the most appropriate course. The specifics vary by state but generally, the first step is to file a petition which presents reasons for emancipation such as abusive parents, being financially independent, or having been kicked out from the house. The parents are then notified and a hearing is scheduled. During the court hearing, the judge will decide if it is most suitable to give the declaration of emancipation.

The other ways to be an emancipated minor are getting married and joining the military. Emancipated minors can enter legal contracts, sue or be sued, apply for jobs, keep their earnings, and make healthcare decisions. However, they cannot quit school, buy and consume alcohol, get married without parental consent, apply for a driver’s license, and vote.

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