Egomania is a condition where a person is obsessively self-centered and possesses delusions of grandeur regarding themselves and their accomplishments. Actually more a layperson's pejorative term for extreme self-centeredness, the more clinical term is narcissistic personality disorder. In their desire to dominate situations and be admired by others egomaniacs tend to exaggerate or outright lie about their own achievements, accomplishments and intellect while failing to recognize those things in others. Egomania is frequently seen in high-profile individuals such as celebrities, although they can also be found in almost any workplace or walk of life. In recent decades the televangelist Jim Baker would be a prime example of egomania. He built a multimillion dollar empire that included motels and amusement parks through preaching religion on television but later, through a series of high-profile errors, ended up broke and in prison while claiming that he "thought God wanted him to live the high life."

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