Dysmaturity is a set of symptoms associated with post-term pregnancy. It is manifested during the early developmental stage particularly in infancy. The complex indications include skin wrinkling, parched skin, meconium stain, advanced skull ossification, and extremely low subcutaneous fat. Medical attention regarding dysmaturity is associated with John William Ballantyne, a Scottish physician and obstetrician.

Ballantyne also noted that most dysmature infants had above average height and weight though some opined that the weight must be below average since there is reduced subcutaneous fat. Current sources indicate that dysmaturity or “postmaturity” is a syndrome among newborns which is caused by placental problems. The distinctive features include long and thin limbs, having a “wide-eyed” look, thick and long hair, long nails, dry, loose, and meconium-stained skin, and often seem alert.

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