Dependent Personality Disorder

Dependent personality disorder is characterized by extreme dependency on others, lack of independence, and a fear of being alone. Individuals with this disorder believe they need others to care for them and have extreme fears of abandonment and separation from those close to them. They are very submissive and tend to think negatively about themselves with extreme manifestations of self-doubt. Sufferers minimize their positive qualities and think they are worthless or stupid.

Individuals with dependent personality disorders have problems with work and social situations and need their caretakers close in order to feel comfortable. Children with chronic illness or separation issues are more likely to develop dependent personality disorder in adulthood.

Symptoms can include an inability to assume responsibility, troubles making decisions and starting projects, difficulty disagreeing with others, and submissive behaviors. The fear of being alone is disruptive and pervasive and if a close relationship ends the dependent individual will frantically try to replace them.

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