Dependent Personality

A Dependent Personality is one characterized by a pattern of thinking that is heavily reliant on another person or persons and is exhibited by submissive and clingy behavior. A person with a dependent personality will be mostly reliant on another person to make decisions for them and allow them to be in control of many aspects of their life. These people often believe that they're helpless by themselves and need others to help them make decisions.

Dependent personalities are typically anxious, insecure, and marked by a fear of separation from the people on whom they are reliant. Fear of making decisions and a fear of being alone are also common facets of this personality type. The fear of being alone can lead a person to use extreme measures to ensure their dependent relationships are maintained and may possibly be harmed in this process.

An example of someone with a dependent personality is an adult who relies on their parents to take care of them and make all of their decisions. They may be financially dependent on their parents, have them choose their clothing and activities, drive them places, and rely on them for social entertainment in the false belief that they cannot do these things themselves.

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