Deliberate Self-Harm

Deliberate self-harm is intentionally wounding, injuring, or physically hurting one’s body without the aim to commit suicide; however, it could be fatal.

The most common manifestation is cutting or slashing the arms with a blade or knife. Others scratch or hit themselves while some harm themselves through drug overdose, unsafe sex, starvation, and other high-risk activities.

This is often exhibited by adolescents with psychological issues such as mood and adjustment disorders, drug abuse, low self-esteem, dysfunctional families, low stress tolerance, and impulsivity. Most young people engage in deliberate self-harm when they feel stressed while some reported that they did it merely due to curiosity and peer influence. This maladaptive behavior may be properly managed through empathetic listening, offering problem-solving tips, and providing psychoeducation to the family members, especially the parents.

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