Curse Of Knowledge

The 'curse of knowledge' is a cognitive bias that occurs when highly educated or skilled individuals, when trying to communicate with others, makes the mistaken assumption that the people with whom they are attempting to impart information have an adequate educational/experiential background to understand what they are trying to communicate. Many of us have experienced this while talking to a professional (doctor, lawyer, college professor, etc.) or a skilled tradesman (plumber, draftsman, electrician, etc.) that are speaking from an area of knowledge that we don't share or understand- if they don't make an effort to "dumb it down" we have difficulty understanding what they are saying .

For example a doctor can use a lot of long technical words to describe straightforward ailments such as a broken arm or leg. These long words will contain information about the name of the bone, the location, the severity of the break, the type of fracture, etc. (all things that are necessary for documentation and treatment for the doctor) but more than the average layman needs to know.

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