Clitoral Circumcision

Clitoral circumcision is the cutting or removal of the clitoris. It can be clitoridectomy, the removal of the whole or just a part of the clitoris or excision, or the removal of the clitoris (part or whole) and the inner labia.

This is illegal in most countries as it is a form of abuse which can cause serious physical as well as psychological harm. Egypt, Somalia, and other several countries specially in the Middle East and Africa are known to have the highest prevalence of this practice. Those who observe such painful and risky procedure hold the belief that women should not experience sexual pleasure. It is often done to girls before puberty (even during infancy). However, clitoral circumcision can lead to problems on childbirth, mental health, and intimate relationships. Hence, there is a global movement to ban such barbaric practice. Clitoral circumcision may only be medically done during rare conditions such as cancer and intersex.

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