Cheiromancy, also spelled as chiromancy, or palmistry is predicting the future of an individual through studying his palms. It is also known as chirology or palm reading. This came from the Greek word, “kheir” which means “hand” and “manteia” which translates to “divination”.

Individuals who practice the art of foretelling someone’s future through interpreting the lines on someone’s palms are called chirologists, palmists, hand readers, or hand analysts.

Generally, there are three major palm lines which are given most weight by hand readers. The heart line, the long line under the fingers, represent love and attraction.

For instance, those with a chained heart line are said to be flirtatious and easily feel attracted to others. Since this practice has a number of cultural variations, interpretations, and lack of evidence, it has been considered as a pseudoscience by scientists. The headline starts under the index finger and goes across the palm. Those with a straight headline are believed to be logical and objective thinkers while those with a curved one are more emotionally and artistically inclined. Lastly, the lifeline is often joined by the headline under the index finger and flows down in an arc towards the wrist. For example, a faint lifeline indicates low energy and less adventurous preferences.

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