The term autoplastic can refer to two different but similar concepts. In medicine and surgery, autoplastic is the reconstruction or alteration of a person's body part by using tissue taken from another part of the person's body.

For example, if a person needs a skin graft (the replacement of damaged skin) after an injury or burn sometimes skin is taken from other undamaged parts of their body to replace the damaged area. In psychology, autoplastic adaptation is a psychoanalytical concept in which a person uses self adjustment or alteration of their behaviors as a reaction to a situation or environment. 'Auto' means done by the self while 'plastic' refers to something that can be changed. Autoplastic adaptation is changing oneself when confronted by a problem or stressful situation. This is in contrast with alloplastic adaptation which is when the individual attempts to change the environment or situation. So autoplastic is adapting yourself to a situation while alloplastic is adapting the situation to yourself and your needs.

An example of autoplastic adaptation is Stockholm syndrome which is when kidnapping victims and hostages feel sympathy and bond with their captors. The captives change their behaviors and reactions in order to cope with the situation.

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