Applied Tension Technique

Applied tension technique is a method developed by Lars-Göran Öst for the prevention or recovery for people about to faint or pass out due to the sight of blood or needles. Many people get faint and lightheaded when confronted with blood or before they are about to receive an injection or have blood drawn. This faintness is due to a decrease in blood pressure. Applied tension technique involves tensing up body muscles which raises the blood pressure of the individual making them less likely to lose consciousness.

The technique is practiced by tensing the body muscles for 10-15 seconds until your body is starting to feel warm. Then let your muscles relax for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this process 3-5 times. If you practice this over time it can be used when coming into contact with blood or a needle. It can then be used as a method to alleviate stress and possible unconsciousness. This can also be used as a means of relieving stress in general. Try it when you're stressed and sitting - like when writing a paper or studying for an exam!

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