Ambidextrous is being able to utilize the left and right hands equally well. This is based on the Latin words “ambi” which means “both sides” and “dexter” which means “right” or “favorable”. Hence, it is the aptitude to favorably use both hands. Notably, merely around one percent of the population are naturally ambidextrous. It is theorized that those with this kind of handedness started out as lefties. Since being left handed is associated with being “not right”, they could have been trained or forced to be right handed. Hence, both hands have come to possess similar skills.

The left and right brains of ambidextrous individuals are more symmetrical as compared to left or right handers. Unfortunately, this lack of asymmetry was found out to be correlated with risks for certain conditions such as language difficulties, ADHD, and learning concerns. However, ambidexterity is also correlated with synesthesia, and artistic and physical prowess. For instance, some of the famous ambidextrous people include Harry Truman, Leonardo da Vinci, Pete Ross, and Richard Feynmen.

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