Alexander Luria

Alexander Luria was a Russian psychologist whose work included response times and their influence on mental processes, cultural/historical psychology, the influence of language on cognition, and neuropsychology. The early work of Luria focused on objectivity in psychoanalytical theories regarding abnormalities and fatigue in relation to thought processes.

In the 1920s Luria used reaction times to study thought processes and developed the 'combined motor method' in which participants were given three tasks at the same time and asked to verbally respond to prompts. Along with Lev Vygotsky he developed a psychological approach that focused on how physical, sensory, and cultural components work together to produce adult psychological processes. This area was referred to as cultural, historical, and instrumental psychology. There was great emphasis placed on language and its influence and cultural importance on mental processes. Later on in his career he focused on neuropsychological issues such as aphasia, brain lesions, and brain injury. Luria's neurocognitive work is considered an early approach to cognitive psychology.

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